The Avid Approach

We believe that investing in a founder’s startup is a privilege to be earned.

Deep Alignment
& Flexibility

Our investment strategy is purpose-built to collaborate with and create alignment among our founders and co-investors, with flexible check sizes and no strict ownership targets.

We make small initial investments alongside a lead, strive to be disproportionately helpful, and have deep pockets to follow-on or co-lead future rounds once we’ve “earned” the right to invest more in your business.

Outsourced Strategic Finance Support 

We serve as your strategic finance advisor, doing the heavy lifting to free up time for you and your team to focus on what matters most.

Active help with strategic growth modeling, KPI dashboards, unit economics analysis, customer and business development introductions, recruiting, and fundraising advice and support.

Dedicated Extension of Your Team

As a small founding team ourselves, we understand what it takes to build a business and just how challenging and non-linear that growth path can be.

We go beyond just telling you how we can help  – we actively get in the trenches alongside our founders to do the hard work of company building.


We believe in developing long-term, authentic, and non-transactional relationships well ahead of investing. With Avid Ventures, you get more than just an investor – you get an all-in partner and team member.

Meet The Team