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"Working with Addie is like working with a fellow entrepreneur. She will do whatever it takes to get the best outcome. We spent a lot of time and energy clearing room for Avid in our raise because of how deeply impressed we were ahead of and during our process. We view Addie as a team member, and it’s clear that she contributes beyond her responsibilities as a shareholder. From valuable customer introductions to being a second set of eyes on our financial projections, Avid has not shied away from the real work of building a company."

Tommy Nicholas

Co-founder & CEO

Laura Spiekerman

Co-founder & CRO

Charles Hearn

Co-founder & CTO

"It's rare to find an investor who creates so many surface areas for collaboration — and who delivers against all of them. The Avid team has acted as an extended business development arm of the company: identifying potential partners, connecting us through warm intros, and getting us broader exposure. Looking within, the Avid team has been an operational machine: helping us build out our financial plans and KPIs, and supporting as a recruiting machine. In a world of so many new funds, we are confident that Avid is here to stay."

Misha Esipov

Co-founder & CEO

Nicky Goulimis

Co-founder & COO

"We got to know Addie and Avid ahead of our Seed raise. Even though we were too early for Avid at that time, the team actively leaned in and provided coaching, introductions, and feedback. We were therefore excited to invite Avid to participate in an oversubscribed inside round ahead of our Series A. Now, Avid continues to roll up their sleeves and make numerous connections to fellow entrepreneurs, investors, and customers. We are thrilled with this relationship, and we believe in Avid so much that we became investors in Avid Fund I!"

Adam Kalamchi

Co-founder & CEO

Soofi Safavi

Co-founder & CTO

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TechCrunch: After selling Bread last year for over $500M, this founder just raised millions for his new fintech startup

Coast’s goal is to use technology to provide fleet business owners and their employees payments products that are intuitive and easy to use. “They need their employee and vehicle payments integrated into the rest of their operations, and they need fair and transparent financial products that are simple to understand,” Simon said. Bottom line, he wants to bring the “same sort of ease of use and transparency that Bread brought to e-commerce consumers and retailers to a category of business and employee that is often overlooked in tech.”

Jul 7, 2021